Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Obsession, Renewed: Frank Ocean

The first time I heard Frank Ocean's "Songs for Women" track I was hooked. The dude is an uber-talented singer/songwriter and his shit is right up my alley. I got his Nostalgia, Ultra album and played it to death--still do (Songs for Women, Love Crimes, Nature Feels - all highly recommended).

So when his latest, Channel Orange, dropped…oh, shit. More of my Frank! (Stream it here!) Plus, the blogosphere was abuzz about a post from his Tumblr--sharing the first time he fell in love, with a man. So he's bi, cool. Maybe he's gay, cool. But reading that post made me realize the true amazingness of Mr. Ocean. He's brave, articulate, deep, self-aware, flawed, beautiful and honest.

I could spend hours on his Tumblr. Fun, witty, interesting, thought provoking. In a word, inspiring.

Here's to you, Frank Ocean.

"this ‘trusting your intuition’ stuff is not for the bitch-made." - Frank Ocean

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