Tuesday, March 27, 2012

take note

two quick things:

1. i heard my FAVORITE kids cafe/art space is closing its doors in just a few days. moomah cafe, located in tribeca, brilliantly conceived by tracey stewart (hubby=jon stewart) is/was an amazing place to spend an afternoon with your littles. the space is cozy and creative, cafe serves up yummy kid-friendly dishes, and helpers assist with coolest art projects. space officially closes on march 30th so head down if you haven't been.

2. this video "s*** free people girls say" had me cracking up- it's like being on set for the day.

Sh*t Free People Girls Say from FreePeople on Vimeo.


I'm loving color this spring. Get a look at some bright finds.

Rag & Bone 42nd Street Blazer

Little Block of Fun

Unbout Illusion Pump

Themis Trio

Neon Orange The Time Teller P Watch by Nixon

Monday, March 26, 2012

mix n' match

Take note. Italian brand, MSGM, makes mixing patterns look easy. I think I'm in love.
This Pre-Fall collection has me swooning.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm *dyeing* over here

Hello there! Remember me...I used to post here semi-regularly? I'm coming back from a much needed break and really excited to share some inspiration, DIYs, and other news in the coming weeks. First off, I'm having a baby (rather soonish, due date is in 2 weeks) and have been in a nesting frenzy. One of the home projects I did a few weeks ago was to over-dye a wool persian-style runner I had picked up over a year ago at a flea market. I wasn't crazy about the colors in the rug and looked to ABC and Anthropologie's over-dyed rugs for inspiration. I love how the strong color simplifies a more ornate pattern. To me this is the perfect mix of vintage and modern.

Here are a few examples of ABC and Anthro's rugs, which start at $2,900 for a 6x9. I spent $125 for the runner and about $4 for the dye. Even though I wasn't able to achieve the vibrancy of ABC's color reform rugs, I'm completely happy with the transformation. I suspect they bleach the pattern out a little before applying the dye, but I was afraid this might turn my wool rug slimy. Also some of their rugs have a very low-pile which may be the result of shaving it down.




1. Soak rug in bath tub in cold water. Temperature is important with wool rugs, if you are unsure of what kind of fibers your rug is made of I'd stick with cold. If you are sure it's 100% cotton I'd use very hot water.

2. Add dye. I used a powder dye from an amazing place called Aljo that's located in Tribeca. They have a good website and their customer service is excellent. They'll answer any questions you have over the phone or in person. I mixed up the powder in liquid before adding to the bathtub to make sure it dissolved. I also used rubber gloves and a mask anytime I was coming in contact with the dye...safety first! If you get a chance to stop in at Aljo I'd highly recommend it- here are some snaps from my visit, very cool place.

3. Agitate dye bath and let rug soak until desired color is achieved. Remember that about 25% of the color will wash out while you are rinsing so account for that. I let this rug sit in the dye bath for about 2 hours and agitated every 20 minutes or so.

4. Rinse out the rug with cold water. This is quite a physical process, even for my 2'x5' runner. I think this step is what would prevent me from dyeing anything larger than that. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have a backyard you could take the rug out back and spray it off with a hose (though I'm sure dye isn't great for lawns).

5. Let dry completely, will probably take a few days.



* a reminder

Friday, March 23, 2012

Anna Beckman

I knew Anna Beckman for her amazingly beautiful calligraphy, but I didn't know until recently that she is also a talented stylist, designer, crafter, and art director. I especially love her branding work and I'm lucky that she sits only a few desks away from mine!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

David LaChapelle

One of my favorite photographers, David LaChapelle has a new show “Earth Laughs In Flowers” that everyone should go see!
Hurry, March 24th is the last day…

Monday, March 19, 2012

Stylist Endorsed: My Little Steamer

Listen up!!
I know steamers. I know them well. And I'm telling you loud and clear.  This is the BEST hand steamer on the market.

My Little Steamer, minus the silly name, is by far the most comparable to the industrial ones we use on photo shoots and everywhere else in the industry. I've even used it on locations shoots. It also comes in a mini to-go size which is usually enough for most people to have at home who are steaming one garment at a time. Plus the price is right.
Ok I've said it and I mean it, so don't blame me when your expensive "brand" name hand steamer doesn't get the job done.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Haven's Kitchen

Haven's Kitchen is a new space in Chelsea where you can shop from a perfectly curated pantry and tabletop selection, have a sweet treat or a fancy coffee, take a cooking class about anything from baking macaroons to pairing tequila with fish tacos, or host an event in their cozy living room-themed bar and dining room. Everyone who works there is super nice and it's such an adorable space, conveniently located on 17th near 6th, I can't stay away!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Craving Art

Just found these images from the Dia Beacon from a visit this winter and had to share the art.