Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to Canvass!!

Canvass was created out of the idea that many heads are better than one.

We are a group of six creatives who’s paths have crossed through work and again as friends. We share a common aesthetic but each have our own individual styles and expertise.  Together we hope to share with you six different views of all the things we have fallen in love with and find inspiring.

Meet your new favorite people:

Johannah Masters is a fashion market editor and stylist who absolutely lives and breathes all things fashion. She is an expert with accessories and also has the rare ability of memorizing designers and collections dating back at least 10 years.  But her Texas roots keep her grounded and always willing to pair her champagne with some fried chicken if needed!

Scott Horne is a prop stylist and all-round home and decor go-to guy.  His exquisite taste comes from years of working for and with some of the best designers and sellers in the city.  Scott is also a walking "google map" for almost any store or random trinket you might need, it's a pretty amazing talent!


Betsey McLain is a beauty editor and expert with a penchant for screenwriting. Her small soho apartment is the home of an awe inspiring and lust worthy collection of well edited beauty supplies. And through work and pleasure Betsey has traveled the world collecting inspiring ideas, products and services that make her a walking bible to all things beautiful.

Sarah Conroy is an ex-magazine editor turned fashion and wardrobe stylist who specializes in children's and lifestyle fashion. But Sarah doesn't stop there, when she's not out shopping for the newest and best in fashion she is a junkie for interior design and entertaining. In the summer this New England native easily trades in all the fashion and style of the city for any beach she can find.

 Callie Jenschke is a prop stylist, interior designer and a partner in the interior design firm Scout Designs. But Callie's sense of style is evident in all aspects of her life especially her knack for perfectly edited statement jewelry. She even makes the use of a southern "ya'll" sound stylish in this New York/East Coast-centric city.

Kendra Smoot is a prop stylist and an expert at everything lovely and chic.  Being creative is a lifestyle for Kendra and her photographer husband, who are constantly traveling the world working on magazines, catalogs and advertisements. Kendra is also the mother of an amazing and also stylish (no shocker there) three year old named Stella.

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