Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DIY Cut-Offs!

Per my request, my R29 coworker, Connie, got DIY'er Danica Lo to whip up a story on how to make your own cut-offs! A project Johannah and I discussed tackling, but then realized we both needed some guidance...

1. For a pair of pants made from an elastic-blend fabric, make sure when you are cutting them, that they are pulled flat. You don't want to cut them when they are bunched up, or your result may be uneven. 2. Cut one side, then the other. Make sure they are even with each other. 3. With a needle and thread or fabric glue, fold raw edge under once. Then, iron it down to secure in place. 4. If you used fabric glue, set shorts aside to dry somewhere ventilated. Then, iron the edges again. 5. For a raw edge, throw the shorts in the wash for a cycle. I like the look of a crisp, clean hemline, though!


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