Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring flowers with The Green Vase

It's SPRING!!! And I'm coveting the floral work by fellow ex-martha girl Livia Cetti and her partner Joanne Donohoe with The Green Vase. I think people take for granted that there is actually a floral stylist/ crafter who creates all of the looks you see daily in advertisements, magazines and in catalogs. Well this is some of he best! 

Above is work for Kate Spade and Anthroplogie. Below is the new BHLDN website.

But seriously, how amazing are these paper flowers?? They make a beautiful permanent arrangement. You can even buy them on their website.


  1. Gorgeous! Just shared your fabulosity on my blog - love it! K

  2. Thanks Kerri!!! It's a mutual feeling. LOVE your work and your blog.

  3. Thank you for sharing our paper flowers! They make us very happy at The Green Vase. Can't wait to share all the paper bouquets with you all when BHLDN launch them in May.