Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marfa, Texas

I've had two friends in the last week tell me they are packing their bags and heading to Marfa, Texas. The teeny west Texas town is about 8 hour road trip from good ol' Austin. I grew up going out to the artist enclave because my parents were in love with the place back when Donald Judd was just setting up shop, and Big Bend National Park has some of the best views and hiking south of the Mason Dixon line. The skies are huge, the space–plenty and the people, true salt of the earth.

If you are going, or daydreaming about a roadtrip, make sure you stay at the Thunderbird Hotel, eat at Food Shark (yes, food trucks have made it to the middle of no where), and check out the art at Ballroom Marfa. This is making me crave some wide open spaces.


  1. The Thunderbird Hotel is NOT Liz Lambert's.

  2. Sorry for the confusion. Callie's information came from this source, which says she did:


    We have fixed this!