Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foam Party!

I've always been a big fan of Foam magazine (cheers to Johannah for cluing me in on the mag's existence): First because its killer surf vibe allows me to be an armchair surfer from my miniature apartment (a surfer girl can dream) and second, because it never fails to inspire. Case in point: All the pics below.

And let me just say, I'd snap up a surf trip in a second right now...I just need an angel investor. Anyone? Anyone?

Wrap Stars: Really been feeling the idea of a ponytail wrap lately.
Here, it plays double duty: Pigtails!

Pretty much the most perfect hair swoop!

Almost dried, post-surf, windblown hair paired with dewy skin and...a metal t-shirt?
Make it Def Leppard and I'm sold.

Wanting this Roxy 80's-esque b/w ruffle bikini. Again: Anyone? Anyone?

Sarah...the t-shirt with fringe has your name on!

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