Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Worship Worthy: A Series of Choices

This post is in homage to my friend Mike Greenberg's blog, A Series of Choices. Mike's a photographer by day (, so his eye is definitely honed, but it's his skill in spotting the WORST, the most jaw-dropping, and utterly hilarious tattoos out there that is unprecedented. Greenberg, we bow to you.

This is just a sampling, so you have to check out A Series of Choices (click!) to see the real dirty-awesome sh*t (can I swear on Canvass?!). Pay special attention to Dealbreakers, Booby Traps and Respect Yourself...

Think about it...Really, Kelly?

It's TOO!

I mean...Forever?
Cover it up! Kat Von D's special tattoo cover up. She did something right.

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