Monday, May 24, 2010

white: i've been dreaming of a white summer

This week on canvass we're talking about white in an ode to the old tradition that you can't wear it until after Memorial Day. Mentally my summer begins this weekend, regardless of weather or work. If I had an outdoor space, I'd be living out there non-stop until September. And this is how I'd decorate it:

This photo, via the brass petal, is my inspiration for color and texture. Emily is right, that curtain thing is amazing. I'd love to have something something similar hanging....imagine the pretty shadows it would make. My first purchase would be a vintage crocheted tablecloth to hang as a curtain or space divider.

Second, third, and fourth purchases are the malm outdoor fireplace $1500 from DWR, two or four Acalulco chairs $480, and gorgeous linen euro shams $80 stolen from the bedroom.

I'd string about a bazillion of these white outdoor lights and have a few wood play guitars laying around for impromtu 3 year old jam sessions. Chilled lemonade gets served out of my beautiful (non-existent) white pitcher collection. Photo by David Meredith.

To tie it all together and create a defined seating area, this plastic rug made from recycled bottles is under a hundred dollars.

Enjoy the week my friends!

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