Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alternative Art

Proof that great minds think alike? Or is art just on everyone's mind this week? I had to chuckle when I saw Scott's post on the beaded baskets, then Kendra's yesterday! Just this weekend, at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) here in NYC, I fell in love with South African designer Marisa Fick-Jordaan's Zenzulu art for Amaridian. For me, art doesn't necessarily mean a picture or a painting. Here are a few current favorites to inspire you to think differently about your walls!

Another beautiful beaded piece by Fick-Jordaan

Cameroon feather headdress

Porcelain plate by Christina Bryer

Collection of teak with shell inlay rice pounders


  1. I love these. In fact, I love all of the posts so far. You guys can style me and my home any time.

  2. Love the 3d effect to bring a wall to life. If you like those, what do you think of this felt wall panel with felt flowers:


  3. Those baskets were my favorite thing at ICFF! Those and the Maryland art college student exhibit....did you see it?